Monday, 22 March 2010

Progress in the 3rd dimension!

I have declared March to be "get the RepStrap running in 3D" month. With some help from Buro Detours, I have assembled the third stepper motor driver, and subsequently cut and drilled the pieces for the Z stage. It helps a lot to have a good hacksaw and a drill press, this one has gone a lot faster than the first two.

One difference between the Z stage and X/Y stages is that there is a plate under the rails that anything sticking too far down will hit. I had to change the spring-loaded wheel holders a bit to be as flat as possible, including cutting the bolts down to minimum size.

I should have a flange today or tomorrow so as to mount the whole thing together. The next interesting part is what to put on in order to hold a head, and how to avoid the whole movable part falling out when there is weight on it.

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