Sunday, 31 March 2013

Choppin' off bits

Went to FabLab today to make some further progress while it wasn't as full. I got the slice and notch off the Z axis plate I had planned, and set up a plate for the Z opto endstop. I also cut a new set of cardboard support pieces for holding up the Z rod, now specifically laser-cut to allow other pieces of the Z plate to go down far enough. This allows the extruder head to go all the way down to the printing surface, though there seemed to be some issues with the plate under the extruder hitting the bottom of the Z axis frame. I will have to check if that's just a misalignment of the Z opto endstop or if it's actually keeping the extruder head too high. If the latter, I will need to take that out and give it a slice.

After the various adjustments, including a few more spaces and better springs, the Z stage now works at about the same speed going up and down, which is nice. Unfortunately, my power supply is dead, so I should bring in some of the other ones I have at home.

No cool video today, sorry.

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