Saturday, 3 May 2014

Post-move recalibration

FabLab has moved into a new, shiny, and, in particular, roomy location in Gewerbehof Westend. A longer bike ride, but pretty straight on the U4. During the chaos of the move, I had The Monster home, hoping to get more luck with the GCodes. However, there are just way too many distractions there, so nothing got done. Today, it moved back to FabLab, and I went through the checking and calibration routines. The results are... dismaying.

The Y stage runs fine when it runs, but about half the time it doesn't start running after changing direction. A little push helps. I'm guessing it needs oil, but the appropriate area is hard to reach. Alternatively, the teflon runners are worn down enough that they provide just enough resistance when stationary.

The Z stage had to have its other (top) endstop adjusted, as it hit one of the screws just before, tilting the plate and making the endstop plate miss the gap. Not too hard to fix.

The extruder stepper motor plain refuses to do anything. There's a little blink in the motor LEDs when power comes on, but otherwise it just sits there, its power LED shining forlornly like a one-eyed puppy that doesn't understand what its master wants.

The heater heats and the temperature meter meters, though I have that going for me, which is nice.

Carefully tipping up the Y stage plate, I was able to oil the rest of the driving screw.

I made a few updates to my speed test program: It can do soft turns, and once it's testing, it will detect endstop hits and abort. Which has the nice side effect that if I upload the program without turning on the power, it will go through the init phase, then think it's hit the endstop when it finds it low, and just abort. I can then turn on the power and reset for a proper run at my own pace.

Aha! One of the nuts holding the bearing arms in place on the Y stage had moved down and was hitting the X stage board. That helped a bit, but there's still some amount of that issue - the nut under the roller bearing also hits the X board.

Took off the Y board by moving it outwards while lifting the end. Tightened all nuts and redid the rather worn teflon on the sliders. Problem persists. Running out of ideas.

Also: Very jealous of the X400 that's just running quietly and issuelessly in the background, as well as the meter-and-a-half-high delta bot being assembled in front of me.

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