Saturday, 22 November 2014

Drilling and framing

Drilled all the holes in the MDF this afternoon. However, due to missing strange sizes of drill bits and plain oops, I drilled the following differently:

The 1.7 mm and 2.5 mm holes were drilled with 2mm
The 4 mm holes were drilled with 5mm by accident - I don't actually have a 3 mm wood drill, so the second drill bit is 5mm, not 4.
The 4.4 mm holes on frame_left are drilled with 5mm. I will need to use washers.

Also a piece of wood under the boards would probably have prevented a lot of flaking off. Especially the larger holes look pretty bad. Dammit.

Ah, fuckit. This will be the first, straight-forward, ugly version. I can do a fancy painted one later.

Drilled the last few holes with a correct underlay, and they were perfect.

The left and right stays are a little off vertically. I hope that doesn't warp anything.

Adding the ribbon clamp and cable holders required opening the model in OpenSCAD to see where what goes.

Skipping the bed fan assembly for now, since it's optional.

Can't do the X idler yet since I don't have linear bearings here. There were some at FabLab, so I'll take the bits there at next opportunity. Same for the X motor assembly and thus the Z axis.

Oh. All my small bolts and stuff is actually out at FabLab, too. I guess I'll just print the install instructions, sort out the printed parts, and bring them out next time I go there.

Skipping the heat shield since I'm starting out with PLA.

Skipping hot end and extruder motor since I have a Wade's extruder already assembled.

Holding off on the spool holder for now, can add it when I'm actually printing.

I will need to check carefully for any differences in electronics setup between dibond and sturdy rather than just expect the manual to apply directly. Don't want to try my Melzi electronics by mistake - that should only be done on purpose:)

Here's the frame, at least, front and back. You can see a few of the drill flakes on the back.

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