Friday, 28 November 2014

Motor assemblies (mostly) built

Y Motor Assembly

The stepper motors do not have a flat part on their axes. I might want to come back and Dremel one. Also, the axes are a little short, the manual suggests 3mm axis should stick out from the pully, but even all the way in only 2.1mm is sticking out.

Ha! Guess what I forgot when bringing both parts and frame over to FabLab? The woods screws to mount the parts onto the frame:)

Y motor assembly is done except for mounting on the frame.

Z Motor Assemblies

Calls for 2 pieces of rubber tubing. I believe they came with the print, but I don't see them now. Ha - they were where I'd forgotten them last time.

The wires are supposed to be "towards the back". It's not clear what that means, but from where it'll be mounted and various images, I guess it means towards the mount, like this:

I'll get back to which hole is the "mouse hole" once I can mount them. Right now, they are done but for mounting.

X Motor Assembly

There's a much larger gap between the motor and the bracket than the +/- 1 mm tolerance indicates. Did I do something wrong? Or just get the wrong motors? They seem shorter. I will add some nuts.

The screw is thus also way too short if it doesn't let the head through the bracket hole, and none of my screws go through that easily.
Can't do more on this until I get the bits of electronics and a longer screw.

That's all I can do for tonight due to lack of little bits of electronics, print beds, rods, and polypropylene strips. I wonder where those are normally used, so I can find them?

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