Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mounting motors

Got a bit of time in today to mount some motors. I loosely mounted the Y axis motors, but without hot bed and belts I cannot finish them. I mounted the Z axis motors and rod holders, but found that the regular holes were too high for the motors, since I have shorter motors. They would be hanging in mid-air, held up only by two screw on the wall. Not good for something load bearing.

My first fix was to drill the holes further down, so the motors could rest on the base as they should, but then the rods were cut too short - and other things might be off as well.

Instead, I made use of being in FabLab, where there's an industrial laser cutter free to use. I cut a plate of 5mm MDF and 2 of 3mm, one with a cut-out for the motors, and all with screw holes, then I had handy little platforms for the motors to sit on. 15 minutes of work, tops.

The screws for the Y motor didn't fasten properly, but started spinning instead. The first ones didn't, but then they didn't have star washers. Maybe that puts them over the edge, and it's time to switch to 4x20mm screws instead of 3.5x15.

I found my spare fans at home, but they're all too big, so another fan goes on the shopping list.

No picture today since my laptop was out of power and my phone is totally dead.

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