Sunday, 14 December 2014

Splicing and assembling X & Z axes, and some printbed work

X Motor Assembly: With the M3x45 screws acquired from Schrauben Preisinger, I can now properly fasten the remaining part of the motor holder. Required 4 nuts to span the gap. Due to the hole in the motor being just between a nut trap and a too smal for a nut, I added a washer, but it also kept skittering around the edge, leading the screw to go slanted and push against the holder instead of going nicely in. On my second attempt, keeping it more straight, a crack appeared in the screw holder. Removing the washer made it work, but now there's a big gap around the nuts - one actually dug up into the holder - so that already-cracked piece is now going to get unexpected stress. This piece is now first on my list for replacement once I can print. I can probably offload it a bit by putting some open washers in after the fact.

Fastening the microswitch was a bit tricky - No2 screws are unknown here, so I got slightly bigger ones. Also, Schrauben Preisinger seems to have a predeliction for slotted screws rather than Phillips or hex, which makes it fiddlier. Would be nice to have a slotted bit that fit over the outside of the screw, so it couldn't slide.

Splicing together the wires, I re-learned how to do a good inline splice thanks to this Instructable.

Y Motor Assembly: Since this will be under tension, I re-fastened all board connections with M4x20 screws, adding extra washers to compensate for the extra length. This ain't going nowhere now!

Z Motor Assemblies: Took some of the extra wire from the extruder motor (it has meters and meters!) and extended the left-side wiring across to the right-hand side where the electronics is. Much faster to splice now that I know what I'm doing. Also, putting on the heatshrink before stripping insulation is a lot easier. I'm still not sure which cable ties go where. I'm leaving them loose for now so I can swap them when I can see it.

Extruder Motor Assembly: Finally got the remaining screws. All fastened and good to go.

Z Axis Assembly: Added microswitch and threaded it. Almost stripped the Z markers on the home-cut end of the threaded rod. Somewhat confusing instructions on the couplings, but then my shaft has no flat. Everything of this now mounted and tightened.

Y Carriage Assembly: Got the last two LM10UUs in. Slightly funny that the bearing holders have slots instead of nut traps, maybe that's just an older version. Using M3x20 in general since my M3x16s are slotted. Doesn't look like it'll affect anything.

Print Bed Assembly: Stripped and soldered on the 26-way flat cable. Stripping worked incredibly well with this little snipper - notice the flat piece of metal along one edge.

This one is a Knipex 78 71 125. I may need to get one of my own.

The 2x12 twisted-together pieces need to join with the 32/0.2 red/black wires. I don't even know that designation. It's 0.2mm copper (sensibly) overall diameter 2.5mm. I guess the 32 is strands. Need 635/620 mm of these. I guess another trip to Conrad is in order. My time here tonight is up, anyway.

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