Saturday, 17 January 2015

Wire *all* the things!

Wiring is go. I have checked and double-checked the resistances, and the look fine. I'm concerned about the big black (12 PSU wires together) and whether it's really properly connected and going to stay there. Otherwise, looks good.

More problematic is the extruder hotend. As I mentioned earlier, bits broke off when I was fiddling with it. Having stiff wires coming out horizontally is not really the smartest design. As the photo below shows, some crucial wiring is missing. The wires on the left (which are kind of loose) measure 10 Ohm across them, so that must be the heating element - the thermistor should be about 100 kOhm. I'm slightly surprised to see no hole in the screw inside the right-hand hole. I'll have to try to unscrew it and see what comes loose:)

The X belt on the right also looks... different. Is it really supposed to slant like this:

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