Saturday, 16 January 2016

Make Munich 2016 report

While the first two Make Munich maker faires were dominated by 3D printers, thinking year the robots had taken over. Most of the booths had some kind of robot, often in a little arena or on a track, even if the booth didn't have much to do we robots. Walking, rolling, skittering, or crawling, things were moving around semi-autonomously no matter where you were.

I for one welcome our new robotic overlords. Especially when they mix drinks.

The booths were otherwise pretty varied, with fashion, knitting, planting, fabric printing, jewelry making, and miniature painting all making an appearance, with plenty of kid-friendly activities without it turned into noisy chaos. The maker spaces were well represented too, three from Munich alone, plus N├╝rnberg and others. One of them had a nice series of 3D-printed and painted steampunk items.

I didn't go to any of the numerous talks or workshops, which may have been a mistake. I should do that next year.

Since I mainly went there to get materials and ideas for my printer, I was a bit disappointed on that score. I did get, as hoped for, some flexible filament (that when I got home I realized was 1.75mm, whereas I use 2.85mm - anybody wanna swap?), but nothing else for it. I got a Fair Mouse for home use, though. And the BigRep One was quite impressive. Notice on the left side the dual-rod motor running the belts on both sides. The "caterpillar" wire handling has gotten quite popular, and I can see why, it's neat.

A few more pictures to be seen here.

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