Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A pedal is born (with difficulties)

Finally, after several weeks of on-and-off experimentation, I have a fully functional foot pedal to replace the one that broke off our trashcan:

Due to the odd break, the difficulty of looking at the relevant parts, and difficulties printing, I went through quite a few prototypes before getting it right:

But by now I have my printing procedure down to a regular practice and can get good results as long as I Z-calibrate properly and my filament doesn't tangle. Tangling filament, apparently a side-effect of my repeated cold pulls, is becoming more of a problem, and I need to pick a good solution. The other repeating problem was various parts coming loose from the bed, especially the support pillars and a thin strip of the main part touching the bed. Also happened with some of the first tests. Adhesion for thin things is problematic and they should be rafted, or I should get a better hair spray (currently using Nivea Volumen Kraft & Pflege strength 4 of 6 possible.

Other things recently printed:

A guard for the X shaft, since I didn't have a properly stiff piece of plastic.

(On the right) A AAA battery dispenser that didn't scale quite right

First test of a holder for the RC-1 Canon remote control.
A yarn bobbin. Came out perfect on the first try.

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