Monday, 24 October 2016

Trying to print on iMac with Cura

Trying to get things to work on my iMac. On Tim's advice, trying out Lulzbot Cura, and it does seem nicer, including pretty much all the parameters I want. It's a bit tricky seeing the support, only in Layers view mode do they appear, and even then only when sliding to the appropriate layers.

I ran into trouble connecting to the printer, but this page said FTDI drivers were needed. Installed those, and also added myself to the 'wheel' group. Still failing.

Same page said to run kextunload, but no:

$ sudo kextunload –b
Can't create –b.

Can't create

Running their script instead worked better, at least there was a change - the usbserial devices disappeared. Reinstalling the FTDI drives and un-reconnecting the printer did nothing. Restarting afterwards, at least Pronterface was able to connect, I don't know why Lulzbot Cura tries for a while then closes. I can of course have Lulzbot Cura create the gcode and print it using Pronterface, but that's clearly not a good long-term solution.

Looks like Lulzbot Cura doesn't support skirts, which is rather a pity, I've had skirts pick up extra filament or just get the filament well started.

Also curiously, when I make gcode with a brim in 'Cura and print using Pronterface, the print occasionally stops for a while. Didn't happen without the brim.

Could be caused by the extra-long USB cables I've had to use, but shortening the cables didn't help.

I also tried printing some test of a new extruder motor mount, from +nop head's sturdy e3d files. With Slic3r the support was giving me some problems, that was better with Cura, but the Sturdy variant of the e3d wades_block seems to be off a bit, leaving a solid layer across the hole for the hobbed bolt:

I can virtually drill out the hole, but I don't know if something else is off.


  1. It's a support membrane so you can print it without slicer generated support. I cut it out with a small penknife.

    1. I see. I'll have to try it just the way it is, then.

  2. I'm guessing your pause might be App Nap? Right click the Printrun app and there should be a checkbox... Keeping it in focus might help as well. (Honestly, I just hook a raspi up and print through that.)