Saturday, 11 February 2017

The $200 usable ARM-based printer

We interrupt our (ir-)regular post of trials and tribulations with my Mendel90 to bring a short commercial:

There is a usable, open $200 3D printer on the market. The Monoprice MP Select Mini sounds like quite the coup if you're looking at getting started. This Hackaday review finds few issues with it, mainly poor temperature control, and also points out that it is the first cheap open 3D printer with a 32-bit processor. The time of Arduino-variations might be over. That's probably what's most exciting about if, apart from being a good cheap printer. There are new developments to be made.

The fact that unlike numerous other commercially-made printers this is compatible with all the standard 3D tools makes it extra interesting for hackers on a budget. The 120 x 120 x 120mm build volume is not huge, but frankly almost all my prints so far have fit within that.

Ok, so this is news about a year out of date, but only now saw it, and I frequently get asked about what a decent printer costs. Now I have a good answer: $199. And watch out for those ARM-based accelerations.

Note: I didn't get anything for this commercial. Monoprice doesn't even know I exist.

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