Saturday, 28 October 2017

New fan, new prints

The hotend fan had been slowly dying, first making a lot of noise while starting, later not starting unless prodded, and finally not starting at all. Given the temperatures I print at, this hasn't been fatal, but might have contributed to my issues lately. I got a new fan, and this time tested which way it blew before mounting - turns out it needs to be mounted sticker-side in:

The new fan came with a short cable and a looong extender. Because I'm lazy, I just wound up the extender rather than shortening and soldering it:

I've also been poking a bit at getting the probe in. First I need to have a voltage splitter so the 12V output can go into a 5V GPIO. But when I do a standard splitter,  the total drop over the splitter is only 8V. Odd.

Together with our friend Mr. Carson I've also been designing a thing to assist air flow from radiators. For that purpose, I designed a corner air indraw piece, the first printing of which failed horribly, as did my attempt at photographing it with my phone:

Failed print (photographed with Nexus 5X)
Same failed print (photographed with Canon 60D + EF-S 50mm + flash)
Trying to get a new print ready for this, I was again struck by how poorly Slic3r generates support structures - they have mostly been useless for me, sticking really badly to the print or being too thin to stick to the bed. I saw MatterControl mentioned as being better, so I downloaded it. It does have most of the settings I need (Z offset being important), but ho-boy is it slow at generating layers! Slic3r does in less than 10 seconds what MatterControl took about 10 minutes to slice. It adds a lot - a lot! - more support material, as in a total filament usage of 161g to Slic3r's 60g. Most of the interior is filled with support, getting that out would be a lot of work

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