Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Picking up where I left off - or what?

Moving has taken almost all my time this year, but the dust is now starting to settle (figuratively and literally - I should call that cleaning service) and I can get back to my printer and get on with calibration and testing. 

After a moment's confusion about negative temperature warnings, I remembered to switch the firmware back to a standard 100K thermistor setting.

Following the testing part of the manual meticulously now. I have 250K baud rather than 115200, not entirely sure why. Limit switches work. Added some oil to the Z lead screws, but I don't see any lithium grease for the extruder gears. Motors move nicely, and oh so much faster and reliably than on the old machine.

Even with the cardboard under it, the bed still sags somewhat in the middle, even though the corners are within a washer's height from each other. I may have to stick with smaller pieces at first and calibrate for the middle.

I'm slightly concerned about how the ribbon cables sag and get tangled occasionally. I should get some stiffer plastic to hold up the ribbons instead.

Bed heats nicely, but the extruder heater does nothing. Measuring on the applicable screws, the HOTEND+ does not connect. Or HOTEND-. I'm getting inconsistent readings. Getting too late. Maybe the mount in the D-connector is off. It looks a little funny:

  • Get lithium grease (Lithiumseife) or acceptable alternative.
  • Get better cable strip