Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Printing this and that

Printing some Settlers of Catan pieces for fun. Works nicely, though I forgot to take off a skirt of one print so some roads got a little funny. I'm printing one set in purple, but the spool is almost out, so here's some numbers to make sure there's enough:

One meter of 2.85mm filament contains 1000 * pi * (2.85/2)^2 cubic millimeters = 6379mm^3. I have 9 windings of filament left, each roughly 100mm diameter, so 9 * pi * 100 mm ~= 2800mm, Totally I have about almost 18k mm^3, which is plenty, Slic3r thinks the remaining pieces (after printing roads) take 12k, and after printing I have 4 coils left, so my calculations were pretty accurate. And these pieces are totally adorable!

The Aztec set done in white is less interesting, though if I brush up my miniature painting, I could make the cities look like there's the blood of 50000 sacrificed slaves running down the sides;)

I also designed some little clip-on markers for the standard IKEA glasses, so we can keep track of which is whose rather than having to break out new ones all the time and wash them. In the design of those, I confused radius and diameter at first, ending up with some rather thin ones and being surprised that my printer would be off by that much.

I've also been designing a spool for USB cables, since I have a lot of those lying around. The trick with those is that USB cable doesn't like to bend nearly as much as headphone cable. This makes in particular fastening the end of the cable difficult. I have yet to come up with a good solution for that.

Returning to the dog bag issue way back, I decided the rods holding up the sides of the bag were just too thin and bendable (3mm rods). I got some 5mm tubes instead and made little end pieces to make them not sharp and potentially sew-in-able:

In random other prints, I did a new extruder holder adapted to the E3Dv6. The holes came out on the small side, so I since invested in a small round file.

I also got a proximity sensor from +Richard Jørgensen and printed a holder for that. Unfortunately, it looks like my Y belt is under-tensioned, see how the cylinder has wobbles on it:

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