Sunday, 21 January 2018

Valuable prints

OctoPrint is still being weird. It thinks the print time left is either 2 hours or 6 hours, depending on when I look at it, out of a total print time of... an hour. I guess when they say "approximate", they really mean it.

For a friend in the US, I printed a holder for a set of Euro coins. It came out pretty well. I didn't include any fudge factor for the holes, but with my perimeter adjustment set to 65%, it was so close that applying a rubber mallet was enough to get the coins in.

Perfectly fitting holes

I painted the legends with a silver Sharpie, the only pen I found that would stick properly. I like how the €2 coin seems to glow from within.
I'm also printing more fan mounts for my project of adding some air movement around our radiators. I've lasercut enough boards for it that I can start running tests soon. I wish I had some more temperature loggers, but I haven't been able to find any below about €50. Since I want to have several of them around for various purposes, I don't want them that expensive. It's not like the hardware is costly.

I've upgraded to Slic3r PE, which is under a lot more development than regular Slic3r. Also, it includes an interesting feature: You can adjust the layer height before slicing. Not only does this allow for slightly faster printing on simple verticals, it can also make slight inclines look nicer.

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