Thursday, 4 January 2018

Various prints, and thoughts on Z offsets

As I've been printing this and that, my Z offset has gradually increased to over 2mm. I have two remaining hypotheses for what causes this: Either the nuts holding up the X axis move slightly over time, or the two Z axis rods get slightly out of sync. The first hypothesis seems like it should change Z the other way, but when I did a check of Z offset on the left and right side, there was a huge difference. Adjusting the right side down to match the left side brought my Z offset back down to 1mm.

I still have a distance probe to add, but even after that I should keep an eye on the unevenness, since print quality undoubtedly will be better if the Z axis doesn't have to move when printing a layer.

Other things I've printed recently:

A properly rescaled AAA battery organizer (on the left without the fan duct active since the plug had fallen out):

Notice how the corners one the left one look melted. Fan support saves corners!

A McBenchy for my new red filament. Slightly weak on the brow, but overall good quality:

One-and-a-half McBenchy for my blue filament, done without fan by accident. Total brow failure:

Painter's stands for holding painting projects up:

A funnel sized to make it easy to fill our peanut container:

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