Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Today I wrapped teflon tape around the sliding blocks on the X stage. I doubt that it'll be as durable as using teflon blocks as such, but it's what I could find. If it becomes a problem, I'll look online for real blocks. It may be a good idea to round the edges on the blocks, I'll see if they tear.

Also marked where the hole in the other end should go. I have cut the threaded rod long enough to go through the other end, which means the rod will not be hanging from the drive nut. I considered adding a drive nut in the other end, but I imagine it could cause problems if they are not perfectly aligned.

There are already some problems with the omega-shaped holder for the drive nut, as it has a groove that the nut can slide back and forth along. Not sure what to do about that. Glue might work, but that should be only on the holder, I want to be able to swap things out.

I'll need to grind down or cover the part of the rod that goes through the hole in the other end, and the fastening method to the motor is uncertain, probable duct tape for a proof of concept.

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