Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Finishing the hardware, now for the software.

After a two-week hiatus, I'm back to adjust a few things:

  • I moved the Y stepper motor driver cooler to give better access to its potentiometer, since it was overheating. Also applied thermal paste for superior heat transfer to the frame. I notice now that the power supply gives a nice breeze of air, I should point that at the drivers:)
  • Took off the Z stage and tightened the mount.
  • Mounted X and Z stage opto endstops.
  • Found some thin metal plates to trigger the endstops.
  • Ran some stress tests on the stages. The Y stage has a disconcerting tendency to just randomly refuse to move. Maybe more oil is needed.
  • The extruder driver is not currently overheating, a step forward.
  • I can get the extruder to heat using ReplicatorG, but the thermistor readings still look digital.
  • Mounted X and Z minimum opto endstops.
  • Used some scrap metal straps from the new CNC to make the endstop triggers.

These are the relevant config files, for debugging the thermistor problems:

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