Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Sourcing things

Between Balzer yesterday, Conrad today, and various online places, I have almost all things sourced:

From Conrad:

THS15 Alu clad 10R
THS15 Alu clad 4R7


From hug-technik.de:

Belt T5 6mmx680mm
Belt T5 6mmx905mm

4x624 bearings

From balzer:

Fan 60mmx15mm (I did not have one at home of appropriate size)
15 way D IDC socket
Microswitches (wrong kind)

From nophead:

PCB bed 214x214mm (with thermistor)
Glass sheet 214x202x2mm

1 Dibond sheet 216x216x3mm

From Toom:

Smooth rod 10x290mm
2 brass nuts M8
2 smooth rods 10x336mm
2 threaded rod 8x296mm

M3 star washers
M3x16mm bolts
From ebay:

Remaining to be acquired:

Polypropylene strip 501 x 25 x 0.5mm and 410 x 18 x 0.5mm
Polypropylene strip 278x33x0.5mm
1 micro SD card (no, I don't have any randomly lying around!)
MicroSD to USB adapter

2 smooth rods 10mmx403mm (Toom)
Smooth rod 10x432mm (Toom)
4 hex male/female pillar M3x20mm (Toom)

I'm unclear on what role the polypropylene strips really play. I think I'll just take a reasonably strong piece of something, maybe the flat colored cable that wasn't quite the right width.

The MicroSD adapter that goes on the Melzi is a bit tricky to find for all the regular adapters.

The microswitches would appear to be roughly this kind, which I can just go get in Conrad.

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