Saturday, 6 December 2014

I should have gone to Schrauben Preisinger at once

Having purchased many more pieces, some serious putting-together can now be done.

The extruder is essentially the Wade's I already have, phew, but with an attachment I left at home thinking it would be part of the Wade's. I also forgot the rods at home. Also need the M3x20mm hex columns that Toom didn't have.

X Idler Assembly is done, no problem.

Y Idler Assembly is done, though I had to get some M5 washers that weren't bent - I'd taken some from the old machine, but they had been under enough stress to bend, and that made them too thick. Also, tricky to get this in.

X Carriage Assembly is done. It was a little unclear how the belt was supposed to go, and I still don't get the tensioning part.

Ah, bother. The Extruder Motor Assembly requires M3x45, which are not available in Toom nor Bauhaus, nor are any lying around here randomly. I'll use the M3x40 for now with some warning tape. I should go to Schrauben Preisinger, also for the No2x13mm. I should actually have done that at once, just brought the list and said "find me these screws, please". And they'd do it for me.

Also need to get some heatshrink.

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