Sunday, 4 September 2016

Voronoi diagrams and printer error art

I've been busy doing various prints. I did yet another phone cover, this time at 1.3mm thickness, which seems like a good compromise. I changed the voronoi pattern, too, not just to make it unique, but also because there happened to be a hole almost like the one I made for the fingerprint scanner but at the wrong end of the phone. So confusing.

The new print came out nice, except the right-side holes were a little too low, so pressing the side could turn the phone on and off. Interesting note: The print behaves differently when printing small parts of a piece and the whole piece, presumably due to differences in temperature.

I got myself a tiny adjustable soldering station, of a make that goes below 150C. I'm trying to use it to remove some of the little pieces of filament sticking out here and there, and smoothen the occasional rough edge. I would like a larger heated surface for that purpose, though. Like the ones you can get for wood burning, except at low temperature.

I did my wife's workshop/bedroom furniture as 1:50 models for easier playing around with. A couple of the pieces case off during printing, leading to this tiny Godzilla scenario:

They were easily re-printed, though, and now merely away a room to be put into.

I made some rounded tips to put on sword cores. Unfortunately, when I printed 3 of them, two of them didn't hold on to the bed (should have used a raft for such a small print surface, I guess), and came loose. I removed them, but the filament being printed into the area then created this piece of print-art:

Switched to the new red filament from DasFilament. Here's a test piece (accidentally printed with support, which somewhat defeats the point) on top of a lid that has been painted with the supposedly same RAL shade, 3003:

It's not exactly the same color, the print is a slightly brighter red. Bummer. You need a pretty good eye for color to realize this when they're not next to each other, though.

Next, a Dustbuster attachment for getting into very tiny places. Took a while to get the outline right, since all I had to work from was a printer scan. And I don't think it's perfectly tight, but finding gaps is tricky. What an oddly-shaped mouthpiece. What's wrong with a circle, anyway?

Finally right now I'm printing a new mount for the extruder motor, the design that actually is for the Mendel90. The entire heating part is loose, which causes misprints with some regularity, and I believe nophead's version can be fastened much better. Alas, ironically, this print is suffering from those exact misprints. But this red filament is quite nice to print with, sticks easily, doesn't curl that much.

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