Sunday, 27 November 2016

Spare parts

After +nop head 's reply to my previous post, I decided to go ahead and print the new extruder holder, after tightening down the hotend as much as possible. I had a few early failures due to miscalibration:

This is what printing too high looks like (after being taken off the bed) - the filament doesn't get pressed together, so it separates into strings.  It's quite the piece of art.

I eventually got a decent print, though not without problems:

The support inside the roller bearing hole was extremely hard to cut.

There's quite a bit of ringing, not surprising with a poorly fastened hotend. The far side of the hotend hole is stringy.

There are offsets in the wall near the filament hole. Since there's no such offsets on the far side, I guess it's a sideeffect of the hole being nearby.

The top layer has gaps near the edges.

Using a hobby knife to cut out the support was really difficult. In the end I just cut out enough for the hobbed bolt and put the roller bearing on top. It might end up not rolling so well. Putting the nuts into the various nut traps took some force when going sideways and was impossible when dropping it in from the top - I had to melt the hole larger.

If I also have to print the extruder carriage to match e3d, this is going to be a larger bit of rework, and I should take the opportunity to also add an autoleveller, since the frame does change size, and the bad prints in the beginning of this post was due to poor alignment.

I've been looking at various autolevelling options, and the ones that are not stupid expensive are rotated away when not in use. Seems a simpler system would use magnets to lower and raise the levelling tip, maybe combined with a spring. The real problem is that I'd have to add more wiring and probably a new controller board.

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