Monday, 12 January 2015

Power up!

PSU Assembly

Time to add the power supply, now that all the wires are hanging prettily out the sides. It's slightly tricky to get it in with the thick bunch of wires coming out the back side. First the washers in the right-hand bracket were in the way, so I had to use smaller ones. The wiggling in and out while figuring that out was enough to break the top notch, so now it'll get fastened with one screw only. By bending a piece at the back and putting the PSU in from the top, I was able to get it in both brackets, but it wasn't happy with going all the way in on the right bracket due to the screws on the fan guard.F Finally squeezed it in with a clamp. Alas, the screws for the PSU mount are neither M3 nor M4, but 6-32 (whatever that means). I just plopped in an M3x20, which should hold up by tension alone.

Don't have appropriate wood screws for the resistors either, so I drilled M3 holes for bolts instead. I hope I didn't get too much MDF dust into the PSU this way. Also, it turns out these resistors are slightly bigger than the ones the holes were placed for (see picture below). The M3x20 screws were almost but not quite long enough for this. Instead, I found some M3x30, but with 3mm hex head, which we don't have a bit for. So screwing in by hand with an overly long L hex. Bother.

The wires on the inside are rather squished. If I were to make another of these, I would make the Y axis a bit longer, so there was room enough for the wires to breathe.

Had to extend some of the wires a bit. Got the big honking power wires set up, and the Melzi mounted. Next time, wires!

Also notice in the FabLab room:

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